Sinopsis The Secret of A Female Teacher 2017

Reiko who is an English conversation teacher to a shin

It just gives a little vitality to such everyday life.
Drinking with people in the same class
They sympathize with each other’s lonely marriage and comfort the desolate.
Natsu sees her husband Shinto being so excited about English conversation classes
I suspect, but I can not speak out.
One day, Shindo accidentally meets Reiko, drunk on the road
After taking her home by car, she finds a rope in her bag.
Reiko invites Shindo into his home as if he had guessed it and binds him with a rope.
Shinto senses the excitement of the strap
If he wants to share with Natsu, Reiko will try to help him.
Reiko is confessing that he has regained the young woman and the elderly husband as a strained play and got new happiness,
Shin also advises that Natsu can be a happy couple with a strap like himself.
Shinto gained the courage to play with strapping Natsu
After a long time sharing a hot affair, I am deeply committed to my husband and wife.
After that, Shinto and Natsu were invited to Reiko’s home party.
Shindo learns that Reiko teaches in addition to English conversation.
He then leaves his body to the natsu and the rope among the Reiko students who are in the strapping play.

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