The Scandal Of Showbiz 2011

The Scandal Of Showbiz 2011

Sinopsis The Scandal Of Showbiz 2011

Kato Ricoe is a gravure idol that goes well.

She has a relationship with a large star, Ikazo, who is known to everyone, and she has a picture on weekly
It is taken. With this in mind, she confessed and declared the fellowship of the two in front of the press, but Noma, the president of the company,
I will not do that.

She scoffed at the boss of the boss, but Ikazo was really a man who could not believe it. Different
After a series of scandals with the woman, she should avoid contact with Liechko and refuse the call. Losing
She follows her to Kyoto but witnesses her affair with another woman in the hotel, and she calls the boss
Pray for suicide afterwards.

She is glad in misfortune. After this disturbance, Ichazo’s fury does not stop. Ona is the province
Popular beauty announcer who started from broadcasting station and announced face to national broadcasting. But for married men with children
It is weak enough to reveal the affair with renowned lawmakers, and the castor is released.

After returning from prison, she got into a hot relationship with a famous baseball player with her child again and then quit broadcasting. Now is
We are slowly preparing to return. Emmy from the blue-eyed idol actress Emmy, unlike her appearance,
As a woman, a husband who is the head of an IT company is busy and empties his house more often, the actors and actresses
It causes scandal and divorce.

Since then, he has hired a lawyer to take a considerable amount of property from his husband as alimony,
She is a married woman. Since I was a child, I like Japanese culture, I upload cosplay videos on blogs,
Lisa is a pretty white girl. She made her debut in Japan and quickly climbed to the top of the tower,
He can not overcome the loneliness of the rich, has a relationship with the stylist, his pregnancy, leaving the entertainment industry.

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