The Man’s Ejaculation 2004

The Man’s Ejaculation 2004

Sinopsis The Man’s Ejaculation 2004

Stone and hair are living together in one house among the hometown hometown. Stone is a pauper who prepares for the job examination for five years, and the hair is a famous name. Hair pulls a woman home every day and enjoys sex. Stone, on the other hand, is living a satisfying masturbation with a virgin.

On a hot day, the stone is considered a beer and it is heard in the house of Hope. There, they meet a high school alumni named Minji, and they propose to live together with Minji ‘s poor position.
Minji, who entered the house of stone and wrapped a bag of luggage, has a plan to work at first sight.
Min – ji tells Sua, who is doing a living together with two men.
Suh is devising to go to bed with a pair of feet. Minji thinks about going to bed with stone.

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