The Lady Next Door 2018

The Lady Next Door 2018

Sinopsis The Lady Next Door 2018

Today’s interview is a hundred percent.
Work stress, hair loss, gastric juice
There’s a nagging girlfriend who promised to marry …
I have only been living such a painful life for several years already.
A few days ago, an amazing thing happened to him.
The eyes of the girl next door have met.
Kyu-nam and the next-door girl,
I started enjoying the secret sex from my girlfriend’s eyes …

Then, one day, I hear the sound of the blue sky in the house I came across by chance.
It is because of demons that the reason why it does not work is … .
It is also that the ghost is attached to the side … .
At first, I did not believe that it was ridiculous, but I became more and more suspicious of the next door girl.
So, we are going to find clues to the identity of the next door girl.

Was the lady next door really a ghost with the shaman’s words?

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The Lady Next Door 2018 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 76 min

Quality: HD