Strange Days 2017

Strange Days 2017

Sinopsis Strange Days 2017

Unknown actress Yonehara Mie is on Internet Broadcasting
While taking coverage, I follow the dream of the actor and live.
The famous actors went through for coverage.
We are looking for the Sakagoshi Film Institute,
Mie, who witnessed the scene of being held in prison, is shocked.
Since that day, Mie has re-visited the institute,
He tells Tatsuta, an assistant and actor there, of his sexual trauma
Tatsuta handed the hypnotic CD for research to Mie,
Mie quickly makes money to join the camp.
Mie entering the camp is not allowed to go to the bathroom without being bound for 24 hours
The trauma is divided and healed through the affairs of the director and the actor.
After completing the 55-day training camp, Mie finally goes through the “graduation test”
SAKAGOSHI, for shooting a murder scene
I invite her to stab a man with a knife
Mie is stinging in a scenario she has created and poking a man
I did not give my own trauma
Director Sakagoshi and Tatsuta also stabbing

She becomes a true actress.

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