Sinopsis My Colleague’s Behind The Scenes Life 2017

Episode 1
Morita, a female employee at the same company,
I know that I go to prostitution shops at night.
Yamada, who had already given up on being a married woman with a husband,
I am going to have sex with her that I dreamed of.

I prepare for the full-time and call a female employee, Morita,
A female employee who enters the hotel room knowing that she is the guest’s name is embarrassed by the appearance of a fellow employee.
Morita, a female employee who was forced to serve as a guest of a company colleague.
Although similar sex acts are allowed, the first Morita
I am attracted to the atmosphere and share my affairs during the service.

Episode 2
Tanaka likes Shimizu, a company motivated to join the company.
She is a married married woman who knows she works in a business
She appoints her to the hotel.
She was initially surprised but surprised
Convince her by threatening to expose the company.
She shares her weaknesses and shares her intense affair.

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