Sinopsis Maneater Museum 2011

Saori and Kishibe who work at the editorial department of ‘Urban Legend’ magazine
I go to coverage with a suspicious hidden treasure house (unarchive) with rumors that “the person who found it can not come back twice.”
As soon as he arrived he appeared to be a man with sunglasses with a hammer.
This Moriyara man threatens Saori and Kishibe with his domineering tone and hammer, helping him to do strange work.
Three people throw a pocket with a person in a hole. And Saori and Kishibe are imprisoned …
Moriya is suddenly interested in knowing that their job is a magazine reporter.
Because he was planning to open a pay-per-view site.
Saori and Kishibe, having sex with Reiko who was holding up in the closet,
I want to create content from obscene sites.
The demands of a terrible lunatic, Mori are getting bigger and bigger.

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