Sinopsis Lover Of The Younger Sister 2015

Yuki, a freelance translator, is a 6-year-old older sister who lives in a nostalgic living environment. Noriko has an old boyfriend called Kazuya, and I am very close to my house. One day, Kazuya tells her dream of wanting to become a caregiver, Noriko who wants a stable life can hardly understand his mind. On the other hand, Yuki, who knows the mind and the hard reality of pursuing dreams
Listen to Kazuya’s story, sympathize and comfort. Kazuya’s heart warms her appearance. Yuki also do not want to be hurt, I hugged my heart
Kazuya opens up to the unexpected maturity and warmth, and eventually the two share their affairs in the sake of the sake. Knowing this, Noriko escaped two people in anger
Eventually, he forgave the two for his beloved sister and boyfriend and begins to stand alone.

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