Sinopsis Island of Migrained Wet Tropical Night 2017

Yoshioka is a novel lecturer at the Cultural Center.
I am in love with Michiu who was a student and married.
But their happy marriage is also a little low
When Yoshioka gets tired of living, Michiru starts to make money outside of her husband.
My wife, Michiru, who believes and supports me devotedly,
Yoshioka falls in disgust and goes home and packs up another woman and two houses.
But this also comes back for a while,
Soon Yoshioka gets a new image prize as a result of hard work.
To my wife Michiu who helped me in both ways
I tried to keep the promise I made in the past honeymoon
Unfortunately on the day of the award, Michiru is killed in a traffic accident.
After that, Yoshioka falls in despair and misses Michiru, and falls into a drink every day.
Then one day, with the help of the shaman, I reunited with the dead Michiru.
For a while, Michiru will leave Yoshioka again.
But after that, Yoshioka was lying in the room with the accident.
As Michiu is sitting next to him, the story flows into the labyrinth.

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Island of Migrained Wet Tropical Night 2017 Subtitle Indonesia

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