Immorality of Lurking in My Body 2015

Immorality of Lurking in My Body 2015

Sinopsis Immorality of Lurking in My Body 2015

Kakitani and Yui are doctor colleagues and lovers. There is a worry that can not be said for the two who are better than anyone. That is, Yui is suffering from multiple personality disorders. She actually does not remember having sex with her boyfriend Kakitani. The moment he touched his body he lost his mind, and Yucca, another personality, came out. One day, Kakitani asks Yui to see Kosaka, a patient in a unique case she met. He had a sick masturbation from anywhere if he liked a woman. Looking at Kosaka’s medical treatment, Yui suddenly collapses, turns into Yucca, and has a violent sex with Kosaka. Kakitani comforts Yui, who has fallen in disgust after she returns. Kakitani, however, is convinced that if Yucca reacts even though Kosaka does not touch it, I urge you to treat Kosaka once again. Yui decided not to run away from Yuuka anymore, and Kosaka I will treat. Kakitani, who is relieved to see Yui who does not turn into Yucca, shares her love for the first time with Yui.

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