Erotic Train 2015

Erotic Train 2015


Tomomi is a woman of pure character.
One day she is succumbed to questioning male Ueda in the train.
Tomomi feels orgasm in a strange hand without knowing himself.
With her orgasm as a starting point, the two people will time-slip past time and space.
Tomomi can not accept his situation
Ueda, who had been looking for his lover Mickey, who had been lost for a long time through time slips
I slowly explain this situation to her. Tomomi decides to find Miki with Ueda and tries to slip through the train several times.
Two people who know the secret of time slip and the existence of time patrol after Tomomi.
Originally, Time Patrol exists to punish those who want to intervene in the past through time slips
Tomomi began to chase after Tomomi when he found out that he had a special ability for time slip.
However, the two continue their journey to find Mickey to avoid the eyes of Time Patrol,
Eventually he finds Mickey, but he is in danger of being caught by Time Patrol, who has been following Tomomi.
Tomomi was worried about the happiness of Ueda and Miki
He chooses to disappear into time and space with his time patrol.

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