Erotic Finger 2015

Erotic Finger 2015


The couple, Hiroshi and Yuko, work for the same company.
Hiroshi is indecisive and incompetent compared to Yuuko, a well-attended career woman.
Then one day, an unexpected scout proposal comes in to Hiroshi, and he hesitates to give him the courage to leave. That night, Kiyoshi suddenly came home. She introduces herself as a timeless slut about 150 years ago in the Edo period. Yuko, who does not believe her words, tries to drive Kiyoshi, but Hiroshi, who has pity on her that seems to have no place to go, allows her to stay at home.
A few days later, Hiroshi resigned for his job. When I met Head Hunter who came to my house, Hiroshi asked me where I am headed, but Head Hunter does not give me any information and I run into him and I have a relationship with Hiroshi. Yuuko, who is back home, sees it, and the two get divorced.

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Duration: 60 min

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