Delicious Sisters 2018

Delicious Sisters 2018

Sinopsis Delicious Sisters 2018

My sister is so delicious.
Now I can not forget the taste I want to taste every day!

Local and Jinhee are college friends.
One day, Jeong-hee’s aunt who lives in the province,
There is a call to stay in Jinhee ‘s house for a while to go to the institute.
Jin-hee is a self-respecting young man who accepts lightly.
After a week, Sang Taek comes to my cousin’s sister’s house.
Jin-hee, who has met her for a long time,
When I was a child, I was surprised at the appearance of Jin – hee, who is so sexy that she is not a sister.
The playboy who is preparing for the entrance examination together with Myung Taek
I accidentally get to see my sister’s sister, Jin-hee.
Jin-hee is suddenly come to visit his friend and his friends are burdened, but the local does not know the speed of Jin-hee
My cousin sister Yong Taek is so cute that she goes in and out of Jin Hee’s house.
Gyeong Taek has sex with Jinhee friend, while Hyunmin has sex with Jin Tae

My sister and her friends are getting tired of their tastes because of their strange temptations …

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Delicious Sisters 2018 Subtitle Indonesia

Duration: 82 min

Quality: HD-UNCUT