Thanks to the husband (for the pros) who is doing the rental housing project
A doll that moved to a new suburb of a quiet country house.
The pros give the person who decorates the new house to decorate the dolls’
The dolls are tough and do not like Jeho, who is at his disposal.
The doll asked the pros to change the person
Forgiveness ignores the style of interior design, and leaves for local business for a few days.
After the pros have left, Jeho keeps the dolls that keep ignoring him and reveals their true colors …
In fact, Jeong is a husband and wife of Min-ji,
Intentionally approaching for revenge for pros.
After being confined to Jeho and being raised,
I feel sorry for the betrayal and favoring of favor, and I open my heart to Jeho …
The intimate vengeance of a quiet housewife who has become a wife for 10 days without a husband begins.

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