A Sexist’s Story 2014

A Sexist’s Story 2014

Sinopsis A Sexist’s Story 2014

During the drama, the moon emerges as a painter. Van Hee came out to the audience and came to cover the famous painter, Sung Woo.

The two will leave the table for the interview. The festival has many stories.
Then Banhee asks me to draw a picture of myself.
Seung-woo sees such an antagonist and then says that he should take off his coat and he is naked.
The two are getting closer and closer and the two are sort of love.

HyeJin and EunSung come to play at the pension and just love. At this time, Eun Sung comes in with a cam and shoots.
Hye Jin does not care at all, but rather likes. I play with each other, but suddenly caresses wildly.
Eun Sung suddenly picks up a handycam and takes a closer shot. So the two make love.

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