A Delicious Wife 2018

A Delicious Wife 2018

Sinopsis A Delicious Wife 2018

Are you playing well today?

Stern and Sawhyeok have a normal family life.
But there is one thing that is not clear between them.
That is their sex life.
It’s a married couple who does not have any problem from the outside.
The two are more likely than
With fear of how you will look to your opponent
She is living with passive and funny sex.
Before marriage, Stern was playing a little, but pretending to be a lady to get a lot of money,
Sang Hyuk also pretended to be innocent to marry a beautiful stern.

Then one day something very shocking happens to the couple.

Sang Hyuk went out to go on a business trip,
Stern stays with her husband as usual.
I went out to pick up a courier service to clean the house,
It was not a moderate courier outside but a robber.
And Sanghyuk who goes on a business trip gets a contact accident,
It was the plan of the kidnappers to kidnap Sanghyuk, not just a contact accident.

But this is …….

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